Who is Anam Cara?

Tarot Reading has become an invaluable practice in my life. For a time I was “doing it.” I was living the life that I was told I was supposed to have - I was acting, I had an agent, and when I looked in the mirror I saw an actress that I’d sworn up and down I’d wanted to become; but something was missing. When I looked in the mirror, I didn't see myself.

I have become an advocate for mental and emotional health after being diagnosed with depression, anxiety, PTSD and CPTSD. I realized that, even though I’d been doing everything “right” I still wasn’t happy. I had never really been given the tools to take care of myself and my spirit on a regular basis, let alone been taught to listen to my intuition.

As I began to deconstruct what I thought was the life I wanted, I realized I’d lost touch with something that was crucial to my existence - the spirit world. I slowly eased into the idea that perhaps, it was time to revisit practices that had once been condemned by conservative community and family around me. It was there that I found The Tarot.


Morgan has an instantly calming presence and checks in with you, throughout every step of the tarot read, to make sure that you’re both comfortable and also gaining the clarity that you need. While reading, Morgan is both very direct and very gentle, leaving much space for your own interpretation and reaction to what they are seeing in the cards. At reading’s end, you feel as if you’ve had a grounding and empowering heart conversation with Morgan, with the cards, but above all, with yourself. And as an added bonus of generosity — Morgan even offers to do the read in the comfort of your own home, which is especially lovely. I highly recommend them!”
— Kari M.
The best testimonial I can give Anam Cara is that I am going back to them for another reading soon. There seems a certain and specific type of care that goes into the artistry of reading tarot, and Anam Cara exhibits it wholly in their work. When we met, we did so at the top of the Cloisters. We sat on the roots of one of the many beautiful, old trees and there they engaged in a delicate ritual all their own. They laid each card with care and balance, and helped me see the many ways in which my life has meaning, and the potential for improvement — how onlyI have the power to direct myself towards happiness. What truly separates Anam Cara from the pack of marvelous readers out there is their care for their subject; it can be a scary thing - confronting our weaknesses - but Anam Cara remains with you along the journey. “The cards won’t show you anything you don’t already know,” they’d say reassuringly, “because it’s all already inside of you.” Thank you, Anam Cara, for an eye-opening experience. I cannot wait for our next journey.
— Alexander P.

What is Tarot?

The Tarot is a set of images used to stir subconscious feelings and understanding about one’s self or one’s circumstances in order to bring clarity to the conscious mind. With mindfulness and practice, using these images to connect to our higher selves and our intuition is not only enjoyable, but it is indispensable.

Anam Cara is the name I have given myself as a spiritual practitioner. In Gaelic, it means “Soul-Friend.” My purpose on this physical plane as an artist and as a spiritual being is to befriend the souls of others, and guide them back to themselves in moments of confusion or feeling stuck.

It is an honor to read for you, and to be aloud into your space. Love, and solidarity, always.

I had my first tarot reading ever with Anam Cara, and it was absolutely incredible. Everything we spoke about resonated with me, and I’ve already started putting much of it into motion. They have a warm spirit coupled with a directness that left me knowing I was in good hands. I cannot recommend them enough.
— Anna S.

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